Our mission is to provide the highest level of service that helps you achieve your long-term business goals and becomes a competitive advantage for you.



We build a working environment where everybody has the space to be themselves, to communicate consciously and with respect to the different opinions of their colleagues. We strive for an optimal end result with a mutual understanding.


We see the future as a united team of trust, everyone is motivated to develop but also does not forget to have fun.                 



ICYGEN specializes in custom software development, e-business platforms and web applications. The company was established in 1999 in California, USA, and an office in Sofia, Bulgaria, was opened the same year. Currently the headquarters and all production facilities are stationed in Bulgaria. ICYGEN offers a wide variety of services - from research, business analysis and specification of the project scope to design, development and implementation of intranet and extranet solutions, online business applications, custom software, web applications, etc. ICYGEN’s expertise spans from information architecture and usability to complex applications. We maintain highly qualified teams in PHP/MySQL and ASP.NET/MSSQL. Innovation is part of ICYGEN’s corporate culture. We aim to provide advanced technical solutions and cutting edge design and creativity. Our team members follow the best practices in their area of expertise and strive to deliver the appropriate product for each client in a timely manner. ICYGEN works with major companies and brands from various industries in Bulgaria, as well as with state institutions and non-governmental organizations.

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