FPI Hotels & Resorts

ICYGEN implements an extremely easy-to-use single platform to manage multiple sites. The platform allows a general administrative system to manage the content of different sites and to publish the same content on multiple websites simultaneously. The developed unified administrative system saves time and wastage of the various administrators and guarantees extremely flexible access rights for different user groups. It allows itself to build on and self-develop without the intervention of programming tools. The system allows you to dynamically create a new website from an administrative module, configure it and create independent content or re-use existing content. There may be completely individual settings, data, users, and data coming from the online sales process. The newly created system automatically begins to exist on an already created domain and have its own existence. This is an extraordinary freedom and flexibility on the web platform that enables us to easily build, manage and configure. The team of specialists designs and implements with high quality a complex unified multilingual system that responds to the latest trends in search engine optimization, given the intricate content management that is published to multiple sites. It has also improved our business process of selling online vouchers and bookings.

  • PHP development
  • Front-end development
  • Databases
FPI Hotels & Resorts

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