ICYGEN designed, developed and implemented a platform for distance learning for the employees of The Institute of Public Administration. For the execution of the project we made detailed business analysis of the client’s activity, as well as regulatory frameworks and trends in e-learning and training standards. Our team created a plan and an algorithm for migration of all existing data. The software system encompasses several interconnected components, which include: module for website upgrades; library of study materials and best practices; training platform which manages the application, registration, conducting of training seminars and reporting of results -  e-learning platform. 

The software system for training contains various innovative practices such as: virtual classroom, bilateral evaluations of instructors and learners; integrated technology SCORM - compilation of technical specifics of web-based training.

With the implementation of the project our client improved their capacity to provide quality training to employees at all levels of the administration, to develop innovative distance learning, and to build a digital platform to manage the research and implementation of best practices in the Bulgarian administration.

  • Microsoft .NET
  • Front-end development
  • Databases

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