The purpose of the system for internal administration and management of processes and providing administrative services to businesses is to support and facilitate the administrative activities of winemakers and owners of vineyards in Bulgaria. The project includes analysis of business processes of the Agency, design, development, implementation and registration of electronic administrative services controlled by digital signature, development of custom SOAP web services with the current document management system (LOTUS) and the electronic Wine register (ISVW). The software system allows online submitting of annual declarations, applications for certificates of registration of vineyards and applications for changing the structure of the vineyard. Registered business users of the system are provided with intuitive user interface for real-time tracking of the status of their declarations and applications and access to their file in the Wine register (ISVW). There is an interface for the experts of the Executive Agency of Viticulture and Wine for controlling and managing user access according to business processes of the Agency and the Law on Protection of Personal Data, as well as funding received under the National Program for supporting of the wine sector in Bulgaria.

  • Microsoft .NET
  • Front-end development
  • Databases
Executive agency of Viticulture and Wine

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