Jobfact is a French company, which offers the first service of its kind in Europe presenting information about jobs, salaries, social acquisitions and connects employers and jobseekers. It offers detailed information on potentially every company and every job. On JobFact the content published on the website is received from existing and previous employees and is not changed in any way. The main goal of the project is to gather a database with salaries and bonuses according to position and business sector. The information is generated after an inquiry among portal’s visitors, who share information about themselves and their salaries, evaluate their employers and in return they receive additional opportunities for search of profitable job offers. In such way on the site you can see for example what is the average salary for an IT project manager in specific company, sector or region. Among the functionalities of the portal there are questionnaires and inquiries about salaries by business sector and position, personalized job offers, reports on salaries and fringe benefits acoording to sectors.
  • PHP development
  • Front-end development
  • Databases

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