ICYGEN designed, developed and implemented software systems for random allocation of cases and The Electronic Register of Persons and Property, secured and confiscated via the Law of State Forfeiture of Property Acquired via Criminal Activity.

The project includes a detailed analysis of the business processes of the Commission for withdrawal of criminal assets, workflow plan for the optimization of these processes, design, development and implementation of information system for random allocation of cases, upgrade with the development of electronic registry and website providing e-services for the consultation of persons and property within the meaning of Art. 86 of the Law on Forfeiture of State of Property Acquired from Criminal Activity and access to documents entered into force court decisions.

Taking into account the specific activities of the Commission, the software system for random allocation of cases is designed and implemented to work in an isolated Intranet environment. The system allows automated random allocation of cases. The logic of distribution and functionality for routing and tracking of files is based on the status of cases, the workload of inspectors and the severity of cases. The flow and status of the files is submitted in a correspondence system, without the use of mail servers and standard methods of communication between users. The electronic register is divided into three parts - administrative and operational working in intranet environment and a public website, which provides e-services. Databases that support the activities of the software systems for random allocation of cases and the website of the electronic register are separated logically and physically in order to prevent any possibility of accidental or intentional access to critical data. All access to the system requires a digital signature.

  • Microsoft .NET
  • Front-end development
  • Databases
Commission for withdrawal of criminal assets

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