ICYGEN designed, developed and implemented three web-based information systems: The Register of commercial and civil contracts, The Register of Property and Irrigation Facilities and The Register of Companies of The Ministry of Agriculture and Food. The systems were designed as a set of modules with different functions depending on the specifics of the processes they serve. These complex modules are designed to work with common data without the need of multiple entries. The system provides an administrative interface to manage nomenclatures, settings, and users and their access rights, maintaining references to the system users, the ability to backup data as well as unarchiving it.

Each system follows a specific logic, depending on the business process of the department: Register of Commercial and Civil Contracts - manages and maintains records for commercial and civil contracts with all pertinent information - information about the contractor, subject, scope, term, financial commitment, budgetary program, analytic information, etc.; Register of Property and Irrigation Facilities - manages and supports activities related to state property and irrigation facilities managed by The Ministry of Agriculture and Food – location, signatures, technical parameters, deeds, users, etc.; Register of Companies - manages and maintains profiles of the companies with all pertinent information – governing bodies, equity status, financial information, annual reports, etc.

The software solution optimizes the operation of the departments in The Ministry of Agriculture and Food and provides the necessary management information.

  • Microsoft .NET
  • Front-end development
  • Databases
Ministry of Agriculture and Food

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